Tax deductions

The ATO is focused on helping taxpayers get their deductions right, but they’re also on the lookout for red flags that identify people who are doing the wrong thing.

Are you sure you know which deductions are claimable? Here’s a list of deductions you usually can’t claim on your tax return:

Travel between home and work – which is generally considered private travel.

 Car expenses – unless you are transporting bulky tools or equipment that your employer requires you to use, and you cannot leave it at work.

 Car expenses – that have been salary sacrificed.

 Meal expenses – unless you were required to work away from home overnight.

 Private travel – including any personal travel portion of work-related travel.

 Everyday clothes – you bought to wear to work (for example, a suit or black pants), even if your employer requires you to wear them.

 The cost of laundering eligible work clothes – unless you can show how you calculated the cost.

 Higher Education Loan Program – contributions charged through the HELP scheme.

 Self-education expenses – where there is no direct connection to your current employment.

 Phone or internet expenses – that relate to private use.

 Tools and equipment that cost more than $300 – however, you can depreciate the cost over a number of years.

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